About Seattle Houseboats Experts

seattle houseboatsThe BIG Question:

Why do we need another Seattle houseboats site?

We already have the web covered for Seattle houseboats buyers and sellers. If you live on Lake Union, then chances are you already know who we are.  You read our blog and you see us on the docks day in and day out.   We are part of the community.

 If you don’t live in one of Seattle’s glorious houseboats, then you may not even know where to begin when it comes to purchasing one.   This site is a work in progress to try to bring beginner info to buyers who are thinking about diving into life “Afloat In Seattle” (our long used tag line for our company Seattle Afloat).  It is can be complicated and overwhelming and we wanted to try to simplify it for would be house boaters.

Buying A Seattle Houseboat Is Different Than Buying A Land Home.  You need an expert.