• Seattle Houseboats: The Shelby Dock Living On A Street End

    The Shelby Dock in Portage Bay is a great example of a street end dock with a wider channel.

    Life on Seattle floating homes is definitely a cool way to live on the lake, but you are close to your other neighbors. On many docks, you have homes on all sides of you – even across the channel between docks. This is part of the charm of living afloat, but Seattle houseboat experts know that street ends offer almost an end of dock experience in some cases because the channel is so much wider between docks. In fact if you can find a dock that is both on a street end AND looks at something different than another dock of floating homes, then you have hit the jackpot. Introducing The Shelby Dock.

    The Shelby Dock is one of the most well run floating home docks I have personally seen. It is from the days when floating homes were all that made up the Seattle houseboats world and classic bungalows with open Lake Union views exist here. On one side of the dock the homes are enclosed by the so called “spite” dock which was allegedly put up in the 1950s by a dock owner in a successful attempt to keep that south side of The Shelby Dock dock out of the channel. On the North side of The Shelby Dock is the E Shelby Street street end with a wide channel and equally wide open views through a small craft marina out to Portage Bay. These homes are highly sought after as they provide boat moorage and big views.

    When Seattle floating homes on The Shelby Dock’s north side of the dock come up for sale, they are usually snapped up and most owners have lived on this dock for decades because it is so desirable. Homes on the south side are also snapped up because buyers love this dock. Speaking of dock, The Shelby Dock has a completely new dock. It is high end and gorgeous.

    Street end side of The Shelby Dock home with boat moorage. Just listed!

    Currently as of this writing there is one floating home available for sale on the street end side of the dock. It has boat moorage and gorgeous views out to Portage Bay and was completely remodeled. It has only been on the market a few days so let us know if you would like to see it. It is a two bedroom, 1.75 bath floating home and all the work has been done on it. It is listed at just $1,098,000 and won’t last.

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